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The Libertia Society is looking forward to creating a dynamic public place for those interested in the ideas of liberty to gather and share their passion for a free society. While this event is open the the public, you must register to attend. You can find more information about the registration here.


8:30      Registration

Location: College of Liberal Arts on the University of Texas, Austin campus.
116 Inner Campus Drive, Austin, TX 78712

9:00      Welcome, Introductions, Orientation

9:30      Break

9:45      Session 1 – Women & The State

  1. Angela Keaton: Whose Body is it Anyway? Women’s Search for Freedom, Privacy & Autonomy
  2. Dan D’Amico: State Sanctioned Violence and the Social Effects of Incarceration
  3. Jeremy Horpedahl: Economic Freedom – Even More Important for Women!

10:30     Break

10:45     Session 2 – Thinkers We Can Learn From

  1. Mimi Gladstein: Freedom as a Feminist Goal
  2. Tracy Lawson: Liberty and Individualism in Dystopian Literature
  3. Robert Anthony Peters: Representations of Women in Art: A Force for Freedom

11:30      Lunch break

1:00       Dramatic Read Through of Sophocles’ play Antigone

2:00      Break

2:15       Session 3 – Small Group Discussions of performance

3:00      Break

3:15       Session 4 – Communicating the Ideas of Liberty to Women Panel

  • Institute for Humane Studies-Kelly Barber
  • Ladies of Liberty Alliance- Nena Whitfield
  • Libertia Society- Christy Horpedahl
  • Students for Liberty-Noelle Mandel & Morgan Scott
  • European Women for Liberty-Caroline Devine

4:00       Break

4:15       Session 5 – Breakouts & Unconferencing

  • Students For Liberty with Morgan Scott, Noelle Mandell, and Caroline Devine
  • Institute for Humane Studies with Kelly Barber
  • Ladies of Liberty Alliance with Nena Whitfield
  • Small Group Seminar: Isabel Paterson’s “The Humanitarian with the Guillotine”
  • Small Group Seminar: Voltairine de Cleyre’s “In Defense of Emma Goldman and the Right of Expropriation”
  • Unconferencing with participant chosen topics

5:00      Closing & Farewells

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