Our Latest Book Club Session…Reviewed!

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May 8, 2015 by Racheltd

title-pageThe Libertia Society has been running an online book club for the past few months. (More about that here.) One of our participants, Carly Rose Jackson, wrote up here thoughts on the conversation on her blog, Bibliophile,

First: I love the prose in this piece.  I read most of it out loud to myself, because it reminded me of Shakespeare.  It was immediately clear that this was not philosophy, and the vibrant language was part of that.  It’s more like a 16th Century op-ed– written to incite debate, not to reveal metaphysical truths.

Anger builds her argument that the cause for the war between the sexes (my term, not hers) is that women are essentially good and men are essentially bad.  Men love women for their goodness, but resent feeling the pressure to suppress their bad natures.

Read her whole review here.

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