The 2015 Free Women Forum was an incredible event!

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May 7, 2015 by Racheltd

Thank you so much to all who attended! Over 40 people attended our first ever public conference and we so appreciate your participation in this unique event. We came away with new ideas, new friends, and many additions to our “to read” lists. There were so many wonderful resources we had to make a list. It is below. If you’d like to purchase some of the books mentioned at the event or listed below, you can visit the Libertia Society Amazon store where you will find links to these as well as other texts.

If you are curious about the event and would like to learn more about the speakers or schedule feel free to head over to the event page.

Suggestions from & inspired by sessions

FWF2015Antigone1Angela Keaton: Whose Body is it Anyways?
FWF2015DanDAmico2Daniel D’Amico: State Sanctioned Violence and the Social Effects of Incarceration
FWF2015JeremyHorpedahl1Jeremy Horpedahl: Economic Freedom – Even More Important for Women!
FWF2015MimiGladstein1Mimi Gladstein: Freedom as a Feminist Goal
FWF2015Lawson1Tracy Lawson: Liberty and Individualism in Dystopian Literature
FWF2015Antigone5Robert Anthony Peters: Representations of Women in Art: A Force for Freedom
(While the book at the link does include other 2 other plays, it is a really lovely translation and the the other plays about Oedipus are deeply related to Antigone’s tale)
Seminar: Isabel Paterson’s “The Humanitarian with the Guillotine”
Seminar: Voltairine de Cleyre’s “In Defense of Emma Goldman and the Right of Expropriation”

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